Fall is finally here and we have been shopping and traveling!   
We will be receiving a very large shipment in about 10 days from our Belgian dealer! 
 We found some very unusual pieces that have such a wonderful European feel to them. 
We really think this shipment is very special.  We also went shopping all over the state and have lots of unique smalls that are now in the store and more that are coming.  
We will let you know exactly when everything will be here.    

For the Fashionista in you, we have been very busy at work in the store creating an area dedicated to clothing and jewelry that is our "boutique"!  We have lots of new clothing and jewelry coming in. 
 A special surprise - we will now be carrying shoes!  Shoes that are beautiful and comfortable!
 This will be on a very limited scale, but we love what we have ordered.  Some straight from Italy!
Come in and check it out!  Always, more to come:)
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